To be eligible, your organization must be a GPSA Global Partner. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

The GPSA is seeking nominations for CSO representation on its Steering Committee. We would like to invite you to nominate an individual working within a civil society organization from a developing country, with a preference for opted-in countries. Self-nominations are also welcome.

The Steering Committee is the GPSA’s decision-making body, chaired by the World Bank and composed of a broad and balanced representation of CSOs, regions and donors. The Steering Committee was established to oversee the overall strategy for the GPSA and, among other tasks, to make final recommendations on grant proposals. The Steering Committee meets once a year in Washington, D.C., and may meet occasionally on an ad hoc basis and/or virtually. In addition to helping shape the work of the GPSA, Steering Committee members are asked to advocate and mobilize resources for the Program.  They are expected to have a high standing among their peers, and an ability and willingness to reach out to civil society to seek and engage diverse voices.

We are beginning the first staggered rotation of the Steering Committee, and new members will sit on the committee for a 3-year term. Although CSO representatives participate in their individual capacity, they should be from relevant CSOs. The strategy and working principles are more broadly explained in the GPSA Board Paper.  

To be eligible for a seat on the Steering Committee, nominations should:

  • Be from a local CSO, where the local CSO has legal status in a developing country and the CSO has a track record of at least three years;
  • Be passionate about the social accountability agenda,;
  • Have a high level of personal and professional integrity consistent with GPSA values;
  • Have a proven track record of advocacy, expertise and leadership in the field; and
  • Be willing to devote time on a voluntary basis to support the objectives of the GPSA.

To submit your nomination(s), please complete the form below OR send an email to:

Nominations will be received until July 28, 2016

Following an initial screening by the GPSA Secretariat, a subpanel of the Steering Committee members will make the final recommendation to the Steering Committee for one rotating seat. Please bear in mind that once selected, the affiliate CSO is no longer eligible to apply for GPSA grant funding for the duration of their tenure.