18 January 2018, Nyanza District, Rwanda


Charles Ndayisaba, representative of the farmers’ cooperative Icyerecyezo (Vision) in Busoro Sector, Nyanza District, Rwanda:


“Before this project, a farmer waited for it to rain, or a miracle from God. 

The project brought changes in our mind.

Now, a citizen knows his value, what he has to do, with a precise goal and set target. 

The project trained us about our rights.

They have trained us that we can get to any target and now we work on goals. 

Before we accepted any price from sellers, and bargaining was done on no basis

But now we record all activities, so that later we know the cost we invested, which helps us to set a price for buyers. 

The project helped and we know whatever we invest in the farming and the returns we want.

This is how the project helped, and we have also been sensitized to participate in development activities. 

The people from the project first asked us how we relate with the Government, and we discussed all our challenges.

They also asked about strategies we can use.

We talked about them and after they got back to us with feedback.” ###