The objective of the GPSA is to improve development results by supporting capacity building for enhanced beneficiary feedback and participation. The GPSA will contribute to country-level governance reforms and improved service delivery.


To achieve this objective, the GPSA will provide strategic and sustained support to beneficiary groups and civil society organizations (CSOs) in developing countries that are working with their governments, to promote greater transparency and accountability. Support will be provided on two fronts: funding and knowledge. Through a global grant competition, grants will be made available to CSOs for capacity building, research and knowledge dissemination, networking and programmatic activities related to social accountability in their country. The GPSA will make grants for periods of 3-5 years. The GPSA will also support a global platform for knowledge exchange and research, especially in measuring and documenting ‘what works’ in social accountability and the impact of social accountability interventions.

The GPSA Operations Manual (PDF) provides technical guidance on the implementation of the GPSA. The strategy and working principles are more broadly explained in the GPSA Board paper (PDF). The Executive Summary (PDF) of the Board Paper is also available. The GPSA Brief (PDF) gives a 2-page overview of the program.